Situated 42 klms south east of Hughenden, 47 klms south west of Prairie.

Area and Tenure:

16,890 ha or 41,743 acres. L5011 PH194



House Bore (1400 ft deep, water level 300 ft) electric submersible, 6 dams, approx.: 20 klms of poly pipe to poly tanks and troughs. Semi-permanent waterholes in Coxan and Charley Creeks.



Soils have a mixture of rich alluvial creek flats, black soil melon hole country, red soil tableland, sweet Gidyea pebble soil, self- cracking black soil, and rocky ridges.  Tableland breaks up to 50% Ironbark and Spinifex country, with Seca taking a strong
presence throughout, and 50% Gidyea/Boree melon hole type country.


Timber on the property consist of Gidyea, Ironbark, Boree, Bauhinia,  Wattle, Bendeen, Leopard tree and others. Grasses consist of Mitchell, Flinders,  Spinifex, Buffel, Spear grass, Button grass and herbages. Seca and Verano are well established on the property.


Most fencing is in good condition, with the 8 Main paddocks stockproof.  Internal fencing mainly 3 barbs and wooden posts. Holding paddock and laneway to yards. 75% of boundary is new. 74 coils of new Barb wire & 350 new steel posts included in sale.



Average 20 inches.

Carrying Capacity:
1300 breeders with calves or AE. This property will do a good job also on dry cattle for future meat-works processing. Present condition will carry 500 AE cattle through to the Wet season.


General Comments:

Mokana is a nice property, with many mixtures of soil types and grasses, allowing either breeding or fattening to be carried on.  No weeds of any significance, no poison, sitting on the watershed of both Lake Eyre catchment and the Flinders River Catchment.  Water on the western side runs into Walkers Creek and water on the eastern side runs into Tower Hill Creek.  It is situated close to Hughenden and Prairie, with good access for Road Trains right to the cattle yards. Mokana is being offered bare of livestock and will be presented with no cattle on the property. This would allow a potential buyer to access the property with stock once certain conditions are fulfilled.  Mokana is mainly watered by the bore at the house, however, it has very large dams that when full are very impressive, as backup supply.

Price: $130 an acre negotiable

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