Quality Cattle Country on the Flinders River



Situated 25 Klms North West of Hughenden, in a straight line, and 52 Klms around the road, off the Torver Valley Road

Area and Tenure:

Title: DU13 4: 3735.248 ha & DU 27 8: 244.601 ha Total ha: 3959.849 Total Acres: 9780 acres. Freehold.  Flinders Shire.



1 Flowing bore (WL 69110J) on the Northern side, which services 3 troughs and 1 tank, and this is interconnected to 1 Solar Submersible spear pump in the Flinders River, that services 4 troughs and 3 tanks on the Tableland and the river. 2 Dams (damaged)


Alluvial Black Basalt soils and river frontage, ranging from the tableland, Basalt wall sloping down to open timbered flats and river country. Grasses are a mixture of Flinders, Mitchell, Buffel, Spear, Button, and many herbages. Timber/Trees (many edible) range from Whitewood, River Gum, Bauhinia, Vinewood, Gidgee, Boree, Sandalwood (Commercial & Doggy), Bloodwood, Coolibah and a small amount of Prickly Acacia and Rubber Vine.


The property is well fenced with barb wire, steel pickets and Gidgee strainer posts. Some steel assembly’s around the gateways. Generally, all fencing is in fair condition.  There is 5 paddocks, with 3 paddocks having access to the Tableland down to the frontage and river country.


General Comments:

This property is being sold to allow the sellers to expand their cattle business. It is a very good block of productive country for backgrounding or finishing cattle. It has a rich mixture of soils, grasses, and herbages, on highly sought-after basalt country. It is well watered and has a good body of feed. The property is ready to put livestock on immediately after purchase.  The Buffel grass along the Flinders River is in excellent condition, and the Tableland country has a good coverage of Flinders/Mitchell and herbages. Opportunities are available through Gidgee Posts and Quarry development with Sand/Rock and Gravel on the property. 10 klms of frontage to the Flinders River.  No house and No yards. Present owner uses the neighbour’s yards.  Flinders Shire provide the access road off the Soda Valley Road.  Present Carrying Capacity approximately 650 young cattle.

Price: $200 an acre negotiable

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