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Cabanda Station is situated 88 km North of Julia Creek, on the Old Normanton Road.


The property is a mixture of Open downs with Mitchell, Flinders, Blue Grass, Forest Mitchell, Sespania Pea and other herbages, then there is the red sand ridge country, with trees like Beefwood, Bauhinia, Whitewood, Sandalwood, Corkwood, etc,  with grasses such as
Buffel, Spear grass, Feather Top, Button grass, Native herbages and legumes. The property has a soft mix of country that has many
advantages over one type of soil throughout.


Area and Tenure:

Secure Freehold property. 17,384 ha or 42,938 acres. Lot 2 4 MF 1. Approximately 12,145 ha (30,000 acres) of Open Downs with high
quality self- cracking clay soils, with huge potential for Irrigation/Dryland farming. Opportunity to store water from the Flinders River, through an Overflow.



475 mm or 19 inches rainfall area. Very safe rainfall area. Consistent Wet season area.



Property is very well watered by 3 Flowing Artesian Bores, with open drains and dams.


Agent Comments:

Cabanda is a very high-quality property, with diverse soil types, well- watered, in a safe rainfall area, good infrastructure including a very new homestead, quarters, sheds, airplane hangar, 800 m airstrip, plus a cross strip with a Windsock. There is an ability to gravity fill a natural storage either from Overland Flow, or the Flinders River when it reaches a certain level in the flood. The potential farming
country all has a natural fall, and very suitable for flood irrigation. The self-cracking black clay soils are very deep and hold a moisture
profile as good as any in the country. It is an ideal farming property, with an estimated 30,000 acres of good soil. Seasonally the property has had an average wet, however, that is not the normal practice for the area. Cabanda is just south of Etta Plains that was sold last year for the development of a significant farm.  Properties like Cabanda do not come on the market often.