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Location: The Lakes is situated 120 klms north of Hughenden, with the Hann Highway going straight through the middle of the property. This road will be completely sealed in the next few years, with funding approved.  It has excellent access to the North to the Atherton Tablelands, and South to fattening country at Hughenden.


Area & Tenure: The Lakes has a rolling term lease which has recently been renewed. Area is 35,300 hectares. (87,200 acres)  


Rainfall: The property has had an excellent season and is carrying a good body of feed. Average rainfall is 24 inches or 600 mls.


Fencing: The boundary is completely fenced, apart from where there is a natural boundary, and the property is divided into 4 large paddocks. The Hann Highway has been fenced both sides of the road. Yards are right beside the Hann Highway, for easy access.

Water facilities: The property has 8 dams and 5 bores, plus 4 large lakes. All the bores are equipped with solar pumps, and several of them pump out through poly pipe, to tank’s and trough’s.


Country & Grasses: The Lakes is a mix of 60% Red tableland country and approximately 40% undulating sandy granite country. It is timbered with Ironbark, Box, Bloodwood, Tea Tree, and many other varieties. It is grassed with Black Spear, Red Spear, giant spear, kangaroo grass, pitted blue grass, plus Seca, Wynn Cassia, Urochloa and Buffel.


The Lakes is being sold bare of any stock or Plant, except for the Portable Panel Cattle Yard, and the pumping facilities. There is no house on the property. The property can run 3000 breeders and has done so in over the last few years, in its present state.  It is neighbored by well re-known cattle stations such as Chudleigh Park, Clarke Hills, Gregory Springs, Pretty Plains etc, and is in a very safe reliable rainfall area, where breeders never have to be moved on agistment. The property is well covered in Stylos throughout the whole place after many tonnes of seed has been flown on in the past. Further development of waters and pasture improvement can further expand breeder numbers. Cows presently on the property are in excellent condition, with well grown weaners

The Lakes is a good breeder block with excellent access to all markets. The Seca, (see above photo), has spread very well throughout and will lift carrying capacity significantly, along with the other Stylos, and more watering points.


Price:   P.O.A.